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To get as accurate information as possible about prices and conditions travel, you need to have as accurate information as possible about the dates travel, destination, names of passengers and their age.
Giving the name of the passenger and your contact (phone, e-mail) is not binding on passengers and based on that you will not have any costs.



We deliver electronic tickets via e-mail, fax or SMS. IN in case a paper ticket is issued, which the passenger must have with ourselves, the ticket is picked up at our branches.

Since mid-2008, airlines have been "paper" tickets replaced by electronic, so-called E-cards. The same applies to them rules as for “paper” cards, with the proviso that there are benefits today for passengers such as:
You do not need to physically own it when checking in airport, it is sufficient to have a valid passport with a valid visa.
You cannot lose it, because it exists as information on the server airlines at all times.
Can be delivered to passengers by Email or SMS as complete travel information.


The basic division of the tariff is into maps: first, business and economy class in within which a further division was made, so that in the majority economy class airline has several different levels of fares, which do not affect the level of service in the aircraft, but differ significantly in price. In general, the basic rule is that the lower the ticket price, it is the more restrictive one in terms of reservations, changes, travel cancellations and length of stay.

Promotional tariffs belong to the category of the most restrictive tariffs so that for all of them the same conditions apply, and these are first of all:
Very short booking period.
Unable to change reservation after issue tickets, as well as the inability to refund in case of cancellation travels.
Map validity timeout.


The basic division of luggage is into hand luggage and luggage that is surrenders. Depending on the destination, company and class of travel different weights of luggage are allowed.
How much does it travel in economy class, in most airlines allowed weight of checked baggage is 20 kg + hand luggage, with suitcases of limited dimensions.
Hand luggage must be in the range of 5-10 kg very limited dimension.
Excess baggage is charged mainly at the airport during check-in and prices vary from carrier to carrier.

As of March 2007, special rules apply to the introduction of liquids into the aircraft and information about them can be found on the website of Podgorica Airport.


We support Frequent Flyer programs of various carriers as well corporate programs.

Miles will be registered in your account if necessary When booking or downloading a ticket, register your membership number. Miles can be retroactively entered into the account from tickets that are not older than 6 months. Tickets older than 6 months cannot bring you prize money miles.